THE FLOWER PLANT offers Plant Rentals, Landscaping, Plant Maintenance for banks, hotels, call centers, offices, and Flower Arrangements for all occasions. We also extend our services to events, conventions, parties, stage and production sets, and sporting matches.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it be cheaper for us to purchase our own plants and have our staff take care of them?

A: It will be more expensive and time consuming because:
1. If your plants get infected by fungus and insects, they need to be treated with insecticide and fungicide. Spraying of fungicide and insecticide should only be done in an open area or at the plant nursery. Flower Plant easily takes care of maintaining these.

2. You will be forced to have the same plants from the date of purchase until it sheds its leaves or if the plant does not survive indoor conditions. Flower Plant will help you in selecting appropriate plants for your environment.

3. Untrained personnel may tend to over water or give less water and nutrients to indoor plants that lead to weaker plants. Flower Plant consistently delivers the utmost care for your plants and stops you from spending unnecessarily on replacement plants.

Q: Will it be more convenient for us to buy artificial plants?

A: Artificial plants are not only more expensive but can also put your health at risk (see health benefits). Artificial plants are like magnets to dust which is the number one cause of allergies. Because of its synthetic material, removing dust from artificial plants is very difficult and is usually only achieved with soap and water.  After that, these faux plants soon turn up faded and wrinkled.

Q: What advantages do we get when we rent fresh indoor plants?

A: You inhale fresh air, and be more motivated in your work place. You can also help our environment by choosing to use fresh indoor plants!