THE FLOWER PLANT offers Plant Rentals, Landscaping, Plant Maintenance for banks, hotels, call centers, offices, and Flower Arrangements for all occasions. We also extend our services to events, conventions, parties, stage and production sets, and sporting matches.
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Plant Maintenance and Service Provider

Once we've installed your indoor plants, our horticultural specialists visit your facility regularly to care for your plants, keep them healthy and attractive.  When necessary, we replace plants that have deteriorated.  And we do it rapidly.  The result is an exceptional appearance for your building interior every day of the year.

To insure outstanding appearance at all times, we maintain a large inventory of acclimatized tropical plants and trees - plants specially grown to live in building interior conditions.  And we stock a large variety of planters and containers to meet almost any interior planting need.

Our knowledgeable personnel recommend, install and then care for you plants.  With trained, uniformed horticulturists we have the staff and support systems necessary to deliver consistent top quality service at prices that are cost effective.

We offer services like area maintenance, tree maintenance, hedging, and floral care.