THE FLOWER PLANT offers Plant Rentals, Landscaping, Plant Maintenance for banks, hotels, call centers, offices, and Flower Arrangements for all occasions. We also extend our services to events, conventions, parties, stage and production sets, and sporting matches.
The Flower Plant Company, Phiippines • Email us• Contact Numbers: (02) 8-985-2674 and (02) 8-930-9366


Plant Rentals

for Hotels, Malls, Call Centers, Banks, Offices, Exhibits and Events

Plants in the workplace ARE PROVEN to improve morale, absorb noise, clean the air and reduce worker stress. THE FLOWER PLANT can design a unique environment for your workspace. Lush, vibrant plants enhance your image and improve employee morale.
As plant rental specialists we use only colorful, high quality and blooming plants to create an unforgettable ambience to completely customize to your office.

With guaranteed horticultural service, our reliable and expertly trained technicians will promptly replace any plant that does not meet the highest quality standards.